The Best Brazilian Bloodlines

Montana Mangalarga Marchadors features the bloodlines of the Tabatinga Foundation Farm, straight from Tabatinga.  We are the only breeding farm in the U.S. to have horses that have been imported directly from a noted Traditional Foundation Farm.

In real estate, they say three things are important: Location, Location, Location. In horses it is: Bloodlines, Bloodlines, Bloodlines.

When we first went to buy horses in Brazil in 200l, we looked at over 700 horses. Believing that as one of the initial breeders in the U.S., we had a responsibility to begin a new breed with outstanding foundation stock. This is why we choose the Tabatinga line.

Tabatinga is a Foundation Farm of the Mangalarga Marchador Breed. Its owner, Raul Junqueira, is a direct descent of Francisco Junqueira, the Baron of Alfensas, who began the Marchador breed in the 1800s. At Tabatinga you get bloodlines that have had 200 years of refinement. And at Tabatinga you get something else, you get Raul Junqueria one of the finest breeders and horsemen in Brazil. He is the “Doctor’s Doctor” to the Brazilian horse breeders. Tabatinga is the stud farm that provides many of the outstanding stallions for the other stud farms of Brazil.

Many of our imported horses have elite stallions in their bloodline. ‘Elite’ is a special ABCCMM registration category, 7-8 Livro. To get Elite status, a stallion must not only be a Champion, but must have sired Champions.

Tabatinga Trail Ride, Brazil

Tabatinga Rota, Photo Keith Graham

Montana Marchador welcomes you to come to the ranch to see our Marchadors, and refers buyers to our First Generation Breeders, Canadian Manglaraga Marchador Ranch, Dream Catcher Ranch, and Haras Vista da Serra who currently have exquisite examples of our bloodline for sale.