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Montana Mangalarga Marchadors is located on the Lazy T. Ranch, a one hundred year old working cattle ranch owned by the Smith family, a pioneer family of the area. Our Marchadors are ridden in rough Mountain terrain and are used to cut and work cattle.

It makes sense that our horses have cow savvy for it has been in their blood for centuries. To quote Bonnie Hendricks of the International Encyclopedia of Horse Breeds, “The Spanish horses of Spain and Portugal have long been used to work the fighting bulls and wild cattle of those countrie and it makes sense to me that their close descendants such as the Spanish Barb, Quarter Horse, Mangalarga Marchador of Brazil and other “Spanish breeds” would find working cattle a natural ability.”

We invite you to see our horses either in real life or in video. We feature the Tabatinga line of Marchadors, directly from Tabatinga and other farms, Santarem, and Capim Fino. All these farms are located in the heart of Brazilian horse country.

At this early stage we liken ourselves to a car show room; we have some beautiful models for sale here in the U.S., Canada and in Montana, or we can order the color, and model you want from Brazil. We also offer embryo transplants for select clients.

In placing our horses, we are concerned with getting the right horse to the right owner. For this reason, we work with clients to make sure it is a good match for both owner and horse.

All our Montana Marchadors horses are dual registered with the USMMA and the ABCCMM. Montana Marchador owner, Tresa Smith, was a co-founder of the U.S. Marchador Association, the USMMA, and served as its President. She is also a member of the ABCCMM of Brazil and travels annually to Brazil to work with the Brazilian association.

Montana Marchadors owes Brazil for the development of the breed and as a thank you to Brazil, for every horse we sell, we will make a contribution to Ashoka Brazil, a not-for-profit foundation which works for the Public Interest in Brazil.

The Montana Marchador bloodline can be seen at The First Generation Farms: in California at Dream Catcher Ranch; in Canada at Canadian Mangalraga Marchador Ranch; and in Montana at Haras Vista da Serra.

Other web sites to visit:

Tabatinga Jobim, photo Linda Coulston

Tresa V. Smith, Ph.D.


Lazy T. Ranch

500 Lower Valley Road

Boulder, MT 59632

Susann Gabriel

Dream Catcher Ranch

Bonsall, California


Shannon Ford and Denis Pelletier

Canada Mangalarga Marchador Ranch

Denman Island, British Columbia


Dr. Tia Nelson and Derek Brown

Haras Vista da Serra

9605 York Road

Helena, Montana 59602



Paintings courtesy of Shannon Ford


Keith Gtaham


Linda Coulston

Lane Coulston

Tom Sliter

Mark LaRowe

John Kelley

Michael Carr

Eliza Frazer

Rae Cille Dawson

Shannon Ford

Jos Verhoeven

Celeste Sotola

Kindle McCauley Van Dyken chasing cow on Milton Nascimento de Lazy T