This is without doubt one of the most

   outstanding horse breeds in the world.”

Bonnie L. Hendricks,

International Encyclopedia of Horse Breeds,

University of Oklahoma Press, 1995



In 1801, fearing Napoleon’s invasion, the King of Portugal transferred his court, family and select Andalusian stallions to Brazil. He later gave one of these Royal Alter stallions, Sublime, to Gabriel Francisco Junqueria, the Baron of Alfensas. 

With this stallion, Junqueria created and developed the Mangalarga Marchador breed by crossing the Andalusian with Barb and Jennett mares.

Now, 200 years later, the Mangalarga Marchador is the national horse of Brazil and numbers over 300,000. It has been exported to other parts of Latin America, Europe and the United States.

The purity of the Mangalarga Marchador breed is maintained by the Brazilian Marchador Association, (ABCCMM) and by the United States Marchador Association, (USMMA). Registered Marchadors are marked on their right shoulder by the Brazilian Brand, a horseshoe with an M in the middle.

Marisa Monte de Lazy T owned by Van Phillips



It is a horse without borders, not limited to any single discipline. In Brazil, it excels at endurance, dressage, working cattle, hunting, jumping, playing polo, and of course pleasure riding. Because it is such a superb athlete and smart, the horse can perform what you wish it to do.

However, we particularly like its smooth, fast Marcha gait, and its sensible disposition. These are REQUIREMENTS by the Brazilian Marchador Association, (ABCCMM) when it tests three-year-old Marchadors for registration. For over 200 years the Brazilians have been breeding for these specific traits.

The Marcha gait covers ground quickly and is extremely easy causing one Montana cowboy to say,”It was so smooth I didn’t know we were moving until I saw the fence posts going by.” The natural gaits of the Mangalarga Marchador are the picada and the batida. The picada is slow, smooth 4 beat lateral gait. The batida is on the diagnol and has a 4 beat cadence with moments of 3 point support and is as fast as the extended trot.

The Marchador’s disposition is sensible and affectionate making it a horse for all ages of riders. When we showed our horses at Spruce Meadows in Canada, people commented on their calm behavior not only in

the show ring, but outside in the chaos of crowds, bands, and whipping flags. Riding on our ranch we like to say the “Marchador Shy” is defined by its ears in a firm upright position.

Though it has a mellow disposition, the horse has lots of spirit and get up and go. Its stamina is amazing and accounts for its holding the World’s Record for Endurance in the Guiness Book of records.


It is the New, New Thing!

It is an entrepreneurial horse for it is redefining riding in the U.S.

When you get to know the Mangalarga Marchador, you quickly realize, it sets its own standard — distinct and different. It is going to change the way many people think of horses in the U.S.

Its great athletic ability is underscored by its five “s” Smoothness, Sense, Stamina, Smartness, and Spirit. It is this combination that makes it versatile, unique and exclusive.

The Marchador’s arrival to the U.S. is timely. It has come here at a period where many of us of “The 50 Something” Generation are looking for a fun, ache free, hassle free ride. It is the not just the Horse of the Future; it is the Horse of Our Future. Come ride it and believe it.

The following two videos were taken at the USMMA/ABCCMM Montana 2013 Mangalarga Marchador Clinic where Lo-Borges de Lazy T was chosen 2013 Best Batida Gait Gelding by Brazilian Judge Dr. Tiago de Resende Garcia. In awarding first place to Lo, Tiago called Lo-Borges The Complete Horse, The Classic Marchador.

Caetano de Lazy T eventing with owner Eliza Frazer

Brauna Libertas

Lo Borges de Lazy T ridden by Dr. Tiago de Resende Garcia